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Handicrafts Products - Handicrafts Online Store in Kuwait

Although Pakistan came into being 70 years ago, it is a deep rooted country with rich culture.  Multiple races, ethnic and linguistic groups proudly call Pakistan their home.  Almost every city of Pakistan has its own handicrafts relating to its culture that makes the city famous worldwide. These crafts are passed on from one generation to another who passionately carries the legacy of their forefathers and are perfecting it with each passing day.
Handicrafts are of many types and made out of diverse materials like wood, fabric, brass and with several different combination of techniques to make them into stupendous pieces of art. The handicraft industry has flourished immensely during the last decades. Pakistani handicrafts are admired all over the world for their distinctive embellishments, hues and textures. The artisans work hard to get the finest finish. 

Some of many remarkable handicrafts that make Pakistan stand out are

Rose Water | Order Rose Water | How to make rose Water

Rose is not only the most beautiful flower with exquisite fragrance; it also has many medicinal benefits. In medieval times, it was mostly grown for food and medicine.  In China, it was used for the treatment of diarrhea.  It contains essential oils, which were used for aromatherapy. Its tea was used for the treatment for eye diseases in the Great Lakes region. It is most commonly used in skin care products, cooking and perfume manufacturing.
How to Make Rose Water? Rose water as its name suggests is roses and water. Purest rose water is manufactured without extra ingredients and additives. Organic roses are the best choice as hybrid varieties are not as beneficial.

The Mango Festival | Mango Festival 2017 | Pakistani Mangoes in Kuwait

Kuwait: With the aim of further popularizing Pakistani mangoes in Kuwait and facilitating their availability in the Kuwait market, Pakistan Business Center Kuwait, Pakistan Business Council Kuwait and Pakistan Fruit & Vegetable association jointly organized a “Pakistan Mango Festival 2017” on Wednesday evening under the support and supervision of the Embassy of Pakistan. The festival was arranged at luscious wide hall of Jamiah Al-Zahra Al-Tawania. Hall was beautifully decorated with the Mango concept showcasing Pakistani Mangoes variety. Majority of Pakistani community was already interested for buying the bulk of Pakistani mangoes in Kuwait.

Pakistanis in Kuwait | Pakistan Business Center Kuwait

Pakistan Business Center has been launched as an independent business entity with the objective to dynamically introduce a wide range of Pakistani products in Kuwait with the spirit to develop bilateral relations between Pakistan and Kuwait. It was also one of the objectives to develop togetherness between Pakistani sellers and local buyers and assist as the mediator to cut their business deals. It was also the intention to enhance Pakistan’s image in Kuwait and earn foreign exchange for our beloved country. It was envisaged that establishment and launching of a business incubator in Kuwait to institute link between Kuwait and Pakistan markets for their products and services would increase consumption of Pakistani products in the local markets and Gulf region.Meet with Pakistanis in Kuwait.
We are proud of the fact that Pakistan is a very rich country in terms of its natural resources and abundant talent in all cubicles of life. The wide range and variety of Pakistani export quality pr…