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Top Surgical Products | Where to Buy Surgical Products in Kuwait?

Surgical instruments are tools specially designed for assistance in surgical procedures. They are mostly made of stainless steel. Different kinds of surgical instruments are used for different purposes. They are designed for general or specific procedures during surgery. Surgical instruments can be categorized into different classes such as graspers, clamps, retractors, dilators, sealing devices, injection needles, scopes and probes etc. Each surgical instrument performs a specific function. 

Pakistan is one of the leading suppliers of surgical instruments. 95% of the surgical instruments produced in Pakistan are manufactured in Sialkot. The industry got a breakthrough during 2nd world war, when they supplied instruments to the British and their Allied forces. Surgical industry in Pakistan produces around 170 million surgical items every year. Major surgical brands are getting surgical items made from Pakistan which are good quality and low-cost. 

Surgical instruments can be broadly put under four categories according to the functions they perform. These are:

  • Cutting & Dissecting
  • Clamping & Occluding
  •  Retracting & Exposing
  • Grasping & Holding

There are several different instruments used under each category:

Ø  SINGLE USE SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS: are more hygienic and are great for reducing the chances of infection transfer from one patient to another. More hospitals these days are switching to single-use instruments. Reusable Instruments for gynecology, laparoscopy, general and vascular surgery are being replaced with single use instruments which are consistent in quality and safe.  Scissors, forceps,  needle holders, skin staple removers, speculum, manipulator, probes, clamps and many more items are made to use one time only to protect patients from infections, save time and money and quality that is unmatched. 

Ø  DENTAL INSTRUMENT: these are used by dentists to perform dental surgical procedures. These tools are to examine, treat, restore and remove teeth. Single use instruments are the best choice. If the instruments are to multiple uses, they need to be properly sterilized to avoid the risk of disease transfer.  These instruments include: extracting forceps, root splinter forceps, bone rongeurs, root elevators, pliers, dental scissors, haemostatic forceps, sponge & dressing forceps, needle holders, towel clamps, retractors, dental syringes, scalers and instrument trays.

Ø  GENERAL SURGERY INSTRUMENTS: General surgery includes diseases of skin, esophagus, stomach, small bowel, colon, liver, pancreas, gallbladder and bile ducts, and often the thyroid gland. The instrument list for general surgery is very long. These include: Scalpels, Knives, Scissors, Forceps , Probes, Cotton Carriers, Puncture, Injection, Suction instruments,  Varicose Vein Instruments, Endarterectomy Instruments, Vein Instruments, Needle Holders, Suturing Instruments, Hemostatic Forceps, Dissecting Forceps, Tissue Grasping Forceps, Towel Clamps, Tubing Clamps,  Dressing Forceps, Cotton Swab Forceps, Retractors, Self-retaining Retractors, Abdominal Retractors, Bone Files, Elevators, Raspatories, Mallets, Gouges, Chisels, Osteotomes, Sharp Curettes, Bone Rongeurs, Bone Cutting Forceps and  Bone Holding Forceps etc.
Pakistan Business Center Kuwait, tries to bridge the gap between the world renowned surgical industry of Pakistan and local buyers and suppliers of these instruments in Kuwait. We aim to provide the best quality surgical instruments manufactured according to international standards to our clientele in Kuwait and Gulf region.

You can visit us at Pakistanis in Kuwait for our in-stock inventory or pre-order surgical instruments as per your requirement.


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