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Although Pakistan came into being 70 years ago, it is a deep rooted country with rich culture.  Multiple races, ethnic and linguistic groups proudly call Pakistan their home.  Almost every city of Pakistan has its own handicrafts relating to its culture that makes the city famous worldwide. These crafts are passed on from one generation to another who passionately carries the legacy of their forefathers and are perfecting it with each passing day.

Handicrafts are of many types and made out of diverse materials like wood, fabric, brass and with several different combination of techniques to make them into stupendous pieces of art. The handicraft industry has flourished immensely during the last decades. Pakistani handicrafts are admired all over the world for their distinctive embellishments, hues and textures. The artisans work hard to get the finest finish. 

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Some of many remarkable handicrafts that make Pakistan stand out are

Ø  WOOD CRAFTS: The wondrous art of wood crafting is one of the major handicrafts of Pakistan. Various cities have their own special styles and techniques of wood crafting that distinguish them from others. Chinioti style of intricate wood crafting is a specialty of Chiniot city. Furniture, mirror frames, carved calligraphic wall hangings, dry fruit serving dishes and decorative items made with this style of wood crafting are admired by people from all around the world. The use of Mahogany, Sandal and Sheesham wood makes these products attractive and durable.

Ø  POTTERY: Pottery is a traditional art belonging to the historical city of Multan. Painted in blue color, traditionally known as Kashi Kari; is a centuries old art of making clay pots and utensils. Gujrat, Rawalpindi and Bahawalpur are also famous for the art of making pots out of clay. Planters, coin banks, water pitchers, vases and handi (kitchen utensil used for cooking) are admired locally and internationally alike.

Ø  TEXTILE CRAFTS: Rilli, Ajrak, Sindi Topi, Embroidered clothes and bed sheets, mirror work cushions and bags and hand woven rugs are to name a few of the renowned textile crafts of Pakistan. Balochi and Sindhi embroidery and mirror work has a distinguished place due to their dexterity and intricacy.

Ø  MARBLE/ONYX CRAFTS: Pakistan has been blessed with numerous natural resources. Among these naturally occurring resources is onyx, which is found in reserves with marble. It comes in distinctive shades of green and brown. The onyx is cut and shaped by skilled artisans into multiple kinds of decorative and gift items. Table lamps, clocks, paper weights, pen stands, decorative birds and animal figures, plates, dishes, ashtrays are to name a few. These products are result of rigorous hard work of diligent artisans.

Ø  NATURAL SALT PRODUCTS: The world’s second largest and Pakistan largest salt mine is in Khewra, District Jhelum of Pakistan. Estimated salt reserves in this mine are from 82 million tons to about 600 million tons. The salt being extracted from Khewra mines is also called Himalayan Salt. It is in red, pink, off-white and transparent colors. Besides being used for cooking, it is used to make artistically crafted decorative items. Their history goes back to the Mughal Era, where it was shaped to make tableware and decorative items. Himalayan Salt Lamps are of great importance due to their effect on wellbeing. These lamps cleanse and deodorize the air, reduce asthma symptoms, relief cough, boost energy level, improve mood and help in better sleep. Other items made with Himalayan Salt are candle holders, salt tiles, salt figures, natural bathing salt, cleansing salt and salt for animals to lick.

Ø  BRASSHANDICRAFTS: Multan can be called hub for all kind of handicrafts. People of Multan are hardworking, creative and devoted to their professions. Brass crafts are another specialty of Multan. Making intricate patterns in a sweating hot workshop is a tiring job. Brass is considered one of the finest metals to make decorative items. Vases, animal figurines, utensils, ashtrays, lanterns, Aftabas and several other furnishing items for home are made out of Brass. There is a huge demand of these items in International markets. Their export contributes to the economy of the country.

PBC Kuwait aims to bridge the gap between local Pakistani artisans and international buyers mainly from Kuwait and the Gulf Region. The platform was established to increase the consumption of Pakistani Handicrafts in the local markets of Kuwait. We have successfully provided common grounds for importers and exporters to share ideas and products. We also provide legal guidance and consultancy about local laws to old and new business start-ups.

On our website, we have a huge inventory of in stock supreme quality handicrafts from Pakistan. The items that are not available can be pre-ordered as per the requirement. For More Visit Our Website Pakistanis in Kuwait.                  


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